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 New project called #1000carepackage. This Project was structure to provide 1000 homeless individuals with a care package, which would include Hygiene products, water bottle for clean drinking water, clean clothes, non-perishable food items and hand written notes of encouragement by volunteers.

We plan to identify homeless individuals across New York City that are currently living on the streets and provide them with a care package once a month. This project will be executed by targeting the parts of New York City that are usually known to have chronic homeless individuals occupying that area/s. 

This Project will allow individuals to have clean and sanitized bottle for water, hygiene products, toiletries and prevent hunger by providing non-perishables food. Your donations financially or in-kind will go a far way with providing individuals with the care packages. 

The organization has partnered with Palooza Kitchen and it’s owner Lester to collaborate on the project. Palooza Kitchen is a  minority own small business, which services include but not limited to culturally prepared food and beverages. Working on the project we can provide care packages to individuals at their respective borough.

With your financial donation we will purchase printed reusable bags at first, which will have the partners logo, the project name and our sponsorship logos. That bag will be given at our initial interaction with the participants of the project. Volunteers will stuff care packages. Every month after we will provide the care package in clear small garbage bags to stuff in their initial first bag, unless they are new participants, then we will provide them with a reusable bag. We understand that we can not do this alone, so we asking for your help.

Thank You for taking the time out 

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We have  giving levels 

1-250 Facebook feature as friend of the organization 

250 - 500 Website feature as a partnership

500 + sponsorship level, logo will be placed on website, Facebook and carepackages as shown on the right

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