"It is my intention to  give back to my community by opening a Non Profit Organization. This organization will cater to the needs of the disadvantaged kids and youth in the community. I started my community service at the age of 9 yrs old.

In 2014, I travelled to Guyana and immediately noticed that it had changed. I witnessed the effects of poverty and I was dismayed of the lack of education for young people. Although, Guyana is a free public education system, many families are unable to send their children to school because the cost of living is high. Families were forced to forego the additional expense such as school uniforms, books and other school supplies.  The majority sent their children to work at local markets and as street vendors.  I became inspired after this and began the set up of my own nonprofit organization, Lifting You For Tomorrow’s Success (L.Y.F.T.S).  My plan is to provide Guyanese families with the basic school resources.  We have been able to provide at least 500 students with uniforms, books, writing tools and other school supplies. L.Y.F.T.S’s contribution of these necessities has relieved parents of the burden of schooling and their able to focus on  saving and providing for their families.  While this might not seem sustainable, the children are provided enough materials for the entire academic year.  L.Y.F.T.S. continues with annual fundraising via material and monetary donations. Because of my acts of selflessness demonstrates my leadership and social skills.

LYFTS has also supported children residing at the Tilden Family Shelter by providing them with Christmas toys as well as a parallel event in Guyana sponsoring an end of term Christmas party for the recipients of the back to school drive as a reward for their hard word and efforts during the school year. Under the LYFTS umbrella I have brought social awareness to my community, in 2017  I’ve hosted a Young Women of Flatbush First Annual Empowerment Panel Event (Targeting Young Women of color), I’ve hosted a Know Your Rights : immigration Forum to inform the community on their rights.  I am current working on part 2 of the know your rights event which will answer questions on immigration and criminal procedures and will be held at Brooklyn college in May. I am currently in the lab working on a few Projects that I a m really excited about. 

Our Motivation & Drive Started Here.

catering to the needs of the disadvantaged in the community.

Lifting You For Tomorrow Success.